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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

What is Manglik Dosha and Its Effects

Manglik Dosha: Hindu astrology says that Manglik Dosha happens when Manglik first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth or 12th come in ascending charts in the house. Those who are born in this situation are Mangalik. Mangal Deo is also known as Mangalik or Kuja Devi. Manglik Dosh is not auspicious for the native.

The first house is to be taken, the second house is Kutumb, the fourth house is for the rest, the marriage of the 7th house. The eighth house is of age 12th house is forwarded. This defect is of two types: partial and one more which means minor and major effects.

Effects of Manglik Dosh
  • The couple is faced with unnecessary conflict.
  • People who have influenced Manglik Dosh generally have enemies.
  • Mangalik Dosh brings severe disharmony among families.
  • Individuals in Manglik face many problems with fixing and organizing with partners.
  • Discussions sometimes lead to violence and physical violence.
  • Marriage faces obstacles due to family and occupation.
  • That person is dissatisfied with his job and occupation.
  • That person will dominate the family that leads to debate.
  • People face financial problems and psychosis.
  • That person can not retain the paternal property.
  • That person becomes very lazy and can not maintain his position.
  • People may face eye diseases and restlessness.
  • That person is suffering from low confidence and lack of self-esteem


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